Take to the skies with a once-in-a-lifetime hot air balloon ride over Las Vegas!

Surprise a loved one with a romantic private balloon flight for two or share the experience with a group of family or friends.

Our FAA-certified commercial Vegas hot air balloon pilots will be your tour guide and will show the beauty of our Las Vegas Valley on our 45 to 60-minute balloon ride. You’ll have views of Red Rock Canyon, Mt. Potosi, the Las Vegas Strip, points of interest… and maybe even some of our Vegas Desert animals.

We are an owner-operated, fully insured hot air balloon ride company providing scenic tours of the Las Vegas Valley, and have been flying hot air balloons for over twenty years. We truly enjoy hot air ballooning, and more importantly, we take pride in providing our guests with a safe and memorable experience.

We want your Las Vegas hot air balloon flight to be unforgettable, and as a small local company, we promise to keep your experience intimate and enjoyable.


Group Rates are available upon request. Please call 702.468.2426 or email sheryl@vegashotairballoonrides.com.

Sunrise Flights

$169Starting at

Afternoon Flights

$209Starting at
























It’s natural to have questions about your hot air ballon ride in Las Vegas! From what to wear and how to prepare, we’ve got you covered. Take a peek at some of our most frequently asked questions to help guide you.

Check out our customer reviews…

  • Neil D Avatar

    5 star rating Memorable and magical experience! My husband and I had an absolutely wonderful experience with Sin City balloon rides! My husband assisted with the set up of the balloon, which he really enjoyed. The balloon ride itself was incredible!! Our pilot was charismatic and very skilled. He expertly navigated the balloon around the mountain for a close up look and we floated around with views of the city. We even saw Pink’s house! The sunrise tour was lovely and champagne and organge juice was provided to celebrate at the end. This made our trip to Vegas! Highly recommended!!

    Neil D 10/14/2018
    Jkincaid0427 Avatar

    5 star rating Wake up and GO FLY! Captains Mike, Bruce and the entire flight crew of VHASC did a wonderful job to create a unique experience for all of us who embarked on a post dawn flight. With an excellent focus on safety of their passengers, the flight crew allowed customers to assist with flight prep (as much as they wanted) and answered a multitude of questions. As we effortlessly and quietly left the ground, Captain Mike expertly guided us over small ranges and even down into a canyon, all the while providing an uparalleld aerial tour guide to all our eyes were taking in. We finished off the trip with the gentlest of landings, unloading, learning the “Aeronaut’s Prayer” and enjoying a champagne toast. It was so worth the cost!

    Jkincaid0427 10/14/2018
  • JennyAlexG Avatar

    5 star rating Check mark! Hubby booked a week in Las Vegas for my birthday. We never tried hot airballoonong and after doing some research on internet we decided to go with Sin City balloons rides. Liked them right away. Great customer service, Andrea is a very lovely person. I would definitely recomend it to my friends.

    JennyAlexG 10/12/2018
    Ashley K Avatar

    5 star rating Awesome experience! My bf and I got a pretty good deal through groupon. The early morning is worth it for the sunrise flight, it was beautiful. We thought it was neat to be apart of the setup and see how it all comes together. Neither of us love heights, but that part didn’t bother us at all, it feels like you just slowly float around. The highlight for me was when my bf proposed!

    Our pilot Mike was interesting and knowledgeable, he really showed us his skill with our “sporty” landing at the end.

    Ashley K 10/03/2018
  • Harrison T Avatar

    5 star rating Vegas sin city hot air balloon The satff was on point i recomend them they took good care of their cuatomers they were nice if i did it again it would be vegas sin city hot air balloon

    Harrison T 9/29/2018
    Karla Morgan Avatar

    Loved this place had to go after my Boise ride. Let me tell you it was great! Such beautiful views! Amazing !! The pilot is always great along with the crew. Nothing like seeing sin city from above.

    Karla Morgan 9/28/2018
  • Winslow Steele Avatar

    The only issue was the wait for director to find the wind direction, on the contrary was a beautiful sunrise. Got to hear stories and enjoy company from not only the crew but also the fellow customers. Many laughs! The flight was most enjoyable, very smooth landing as well as take off. Was really impressed, with how hard the crew worked. They functioned very well like a well oiled machine. I noticed how excellent their service and highly recommend them. I have already spread the news among my friends to schedule a flight.

    Winslow Steele 9/28/2018
    jovany beltran Avatar

    It was GREAT! Getting on that balloon was an experience like no other! I had trust in the pilot and the workers too because everything ran smoothly and there wasn’t any mess ups. Thanks for the great time!

    jovany beltran 9/28/2018
  • Lionel Tsinajinnie Avatar

    Money well spent and I work hard for my money.

    Would definitely recommend this Hot air company. Our pilot took us up about 2,100 feet. It was Awesome!

    Lionel Tsinajinnie 9/28/2018
    ccdiaz4018 Avatar

    5 star rating Don't want to miss this! Husband surprised me with this! Extremely pleased with the pricing and the workers. They made it fun and enjoyable. Will be back again!

    ccdiaz4018 9/27/2018
  • Haim Zano Avatar

    Amazing experience! took my 7 years old daughter to a birthday surprise ride and she loved every part of it. The first ride was cancelled due to winds so we did it the following weekend. Even the setup time is interesting as they let you take part in it, also the end part is nice, the crew lat us help in folding the balloon and my daughter loved it. the ride itself is beautiful and the pilot was very professional.

    Haim Zano 9/04/2018
    f3claire Avatar

    5 star rating Awesome Experience Visited Vegas in April this year and Hot air balloon ride was on the bucket list. This was a truely amazing experience. Got a great price through groupon and made my reservation with the company very easily. Pick up in the morning was punctual. Takes a little while to get things set up but once you are up in the air, there is nothing like it, its amazing!!

    f3claire 8/27/2018
  • Ganesh B Avatar

    5 star rating Best Experience This is the first hot air ballon ride we ever had and we had a great time.. Mike was a thorough professional who kept us engaged and shown some of the beautiful locations.. would love to do again for our next trip.

    Ganesh B 8/20/2018
    Hang W Avatar

    5 star rating Private engagement flight It was an amazing flight experience! Mike was our pilot, he is knowledgeable and nice! I proposed to my gf during the flight, it was abosolutely wonderful experience. The flight is about 1 hour 15 mins long, and the private flight price is the lowest in Vegas! Highly recommended.

    Hang W 8/12/2018