4 Unique Locations To Capture The Most Insta-Worthy Vegas Photos

Everyone wants to have the most captivating photos on Instagram. Fortunately, Las Vegas is full of potential for that! Just about everywhere you look, there’s a great Insta-worthy shot to take. Sin City’s world-famous sites, natural beauty, and unique activities are just begging to be photographed and shared. If you’re looking for an exotic and original location to capture the essence of your Vegas outing, here are four distinct but equally charming and memorable ways to snag some share-worthy shots.

A Hot Air Balloon

If you want a winning Instagram shot that the entire world won’t also have, riding in a Las Vegas hot air balloon is your best bet. Balloon rides Las Vegas is a surefire way to get some of the most unique and spectacular shots of the city’s iconic sites while also ditching the crowds. In a hot air balloon Las Vegas, you’ll fly anywhere from about 1,000 to 3,000 feet above the earth. Since rides take place when winds are calmest, which is generally either morning or evening, you’re also bound to get spectacular views of the rising or setting sun. You can learn more about Las Vegas balloon rides and book a reservation through Sin City Balloon Rides: http://vegashotairballoonrides.com/.

The Foundation Room

When in Vegas, another great opportunity to take a share-worthy Instagram shot is The Foundation Room, which is located on the 43rd floor of Mandalay Bay. In addition to giving you a stunning view of the city below, the Foundation Room has an equally magnificent interior that’s adorned with Eastern relics, enchanting rugs, and exotic decorations. Looking out the window, you’ll be able to snap a shot of the entire Strip to the southernmost point.

Top Of The World Restaurant

Set nearly 850 feet above the ground, the Top of the World restaurant at the Stratosphere lives up to its name. From here, you’ll get a bird’s eye view of the entire city as you dine on world-class food. The restaurant is the only revolving eatery in Sin City, which treats you to stunning panoramic views out of floor-to-ceiling windows. It takes about 80 minutes for the restaurant to make one rotation, which leaves time to relax and savor a multi-course meal.

The Mandarin Bar

With the abundance of bars in the city, going out for a pre-dinner or post-dinner drink is a must in Las Vegas. Of the dozens of bars to try out, one “can’t-miss” place to visit is the Mandarin Bar. This exceptional bar is famous for its cocktails, which are exclusive drinks expertly prepared by the bar’s own team of mixologists. As you sip an award-winning cocktail, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to snap a shot of the city’s stunning skyline in multiple directions. The Mandarin Bar is conveniently centrally located, which means you can get a panoramic shot looking either to the northern or southern end of the city. The interior of the Mandarin Bar, complete with low mood lighting and an exotic color scheme, is equally as photo-worthy as the stellar views outside.

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