5 Most Thrilling things To Do With Dad On Father’s Day

Your dad is a special person, but only you can tell him how truly wonderful he is! There are millions of things to do with Dad on Father’s Day, but perhaps this year you’ve decided that cards and a pancake breakfast – for the 10th year in a row – are kind of lame. If you’re looking for something different this year, we’ve got ideas for you! From seeing Las Vegas overhead via a hot air balloon to signing Dad up for a zip line, here are memorable ideas for Father’s Day in Las Vegas.

Hot Air Ballooning

For a Father’s Day treat that literally goes above and beyond the rest, try hot air ballooning! This popular event, which has been around since 1793, is one of the most memorable experiences you can give your father. Hot air balloon rides in Las Vegas let Dad see the city from a whole new perspective. Flying over Las Vegas with Sin City Balloon Rides, for instance, you’ll see stunning landmarks like Red Rock Canyon and the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Both private and public tours are available, so the experience can be as intimate as you wish!

“Mystere” by Cirque de Soleil

Another great choice for a unique Father’s Day celebration is a Cirque du Soleil performance. Cirque du Soleil, a premier professional group, puts on world-famous and world-class performances everywhere, including Las Vegas. Should you and Dad be so fortunate to get tickets, a great show to see is “Mystere.” Artfully choreographed sets with colorful costumes and top-notch performers make this show a must-see!

Indoor Skydiving

Perhaps your dad has always dreamed of skydiving, but he hasn’t been brave enough to take on open-air skydiving. Luckily for you, indoor skydiving is an option. It’s a much safer and equally realistic alternative! A combination of high-powered motors and propellers will keep him lifted for minutes, which is enough to give him the “high” of skydiving and have time to think this is the best Father’s Day gift yet!

Zip Lining

As your dad gets older, he probably has more moments where he wishes he was “young” again. Zip lining above Las Vegas, which lets him move from Point A to Point B like a monkey, makes that happen. Equipped with a harness and supportive cables, a zip line adventure lets your dad soar to new heights. He may be nervous at first, but he’ll appreciate your efforts to relieve his youth.

Rocky Gap Tour

If your dad wants to get out of the city on Father’s Day, a trip to Rocky Gap will do the trick. Rocky Gap is one of the most stunning natural areas around the city, and it will bring out Dad’s wild side! Following an ancient pioneer trail through the Red Rock Canyon, your dad can explore the “Wild West” like it once was. A historical and cultural tour of the area are included. Combined with numerous “photo-op” sites built in, this is a top Father’s Day gift.

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