7 Birthday Party Ideas in Las Vegas

Everyone knows there’s no shortage of things to do for a birthday party in Las Vegas, and that goes for kids’ parties as well. Whether you’re thinking about a mermaid themed swimming party or a hot air balloon themed birthday, there’s something for everyone.

1.  Swimming Parties

Most kids love swimming and splashing in the water, so a swimming party is always a good option. The theme of the party could be mermaids, in which every little guest receives her own set of fins to swim with. A “real” mermaid could visit the party to swim with the children. Another theme could be sailors, in which the kids have a boat-building contest with recycled plastic containers before heading to the pool.

2. Dancing Parties

Whether you rent out a dance hall, pay for a dance instructor to lead the activity, or just turn on some music in your backyard, kids love getting their wiggles out while dancing. Songs with specific actions like “Chicken Dance” are the perfect solution for a room full of small, active children. Older kids might enjoy a playlist of their own current favorite songs that they can hold a dance-off to.

3. Creativity Parties

If you have a birthday kid who loves to paint or do other crafts, that could be the perfect theme for the birthday party. Las Vegas weather offers the perfect setting for a makeshift outdoor art studio in your own backyard. Lay plastic sheeting down, set up some easels and canvases, and let the party guests paint to their heart’s content. You could hang other paintings around the yard for ideas, hire an instructor to teach the children how to paint, or just let them use their own creativity.

4. Jumping Parties

Another perfect way for the kids to get their wiggles out is at a jumping party. These events are perfect for small children, tweens, and teens. You could invite guests to meet at a jumping facility, set up a bounce house in your own backyard, or drag some neighbors’ trampolines into the yard.

Parents who enjoy a structured party might come up with jumping games, while others will just let the kids jump and have a good time.

5. Food Parties

There are so many themes you can come up with related to food. For example, a pizza party could include a build-your-own pizza bar, pin the pepperoni on the pizza game, and build-your-own cookie pizza for a final treat.

Another example is an ice cream party. When guests arrive, they can complete a series of tasks, such as popping balloons with a dart or running through an obstacle course. For every task they complete, they get to add a topping to their ice cream. You can supply as many tasks as you want, and it could fill up the entire time allotted for the party. In the end, let the kids cash in on the ice cream toppings they earned.

6. Sport Parties

Since there are so many different sports, there are a lot of things you could do in terms of a sporty birthday party for your son or daughter. For example, you could rent out a gym or other athletic facility and let the kids play a variety of different sports all day long. If you have a basketball court or a tennis court, you could center the party around those.

7. Flying Parties

A flying party could include airplanes, hot air balloons, helicopters, and a variety of other things related to the air. For example, a hot air balloon birthday party could include taking the kids for their own rides in an actual hot air balloon. They can get a tour of the town, find certain objects below for a scavenger hunt, or simply enjoy the flight.

Getting Your Party Planned

To plan the perfect birthday party for your child, start with a theme and the games and food ideas will hopefully start flowing. To schedule a hot air balloon flying party, contact Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides today.

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