Cool Places to Go on a First Date in Las Vegas

Going out for dinner and a movie on your first date is still romantic – but it’s also a bit overdone. These days, there are many fun, exciting, romantic, and memorable ways to spend time with a special new person. And when you suggest doing something a bit different, you’ll find that your date appreciates you even more. From flying above Sin City in a hot air balloon to hiking some of the Southwest’s most beautiful terrain, these “first date” ideas are anything but ordinary.


Go Hot Air Ballooning

A first date is all about getting to know your partner better. While you can certainly go to The Strip for an action-packed evening, there are also quieter and more romantic options. For something new and exciting, why not treat your date to a hot air balloon Vegas ride? A ride lasts for about 45-60 minutes, during which time you’ll see Vegas’s top attractions and the stunning desert landscape from above. To make the event extra special, you can request private Las Vegas balloon rides for just you and your date, complete with a champagne toast.


Hike at Goldstrike Canyon

Your partner will think he or she has struck gold (in you, of course!) when you suggest a date of hiking at Goldstrike Canyon. As you navigate boulder-studded trails and move hand-over-hand via rope, you’ll enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Colorado River up close and in person. At the end of the trail, you will be rewarded with a series of hot springs and a great place for a peaceful picnic lunch.


Get (and Give) a Massage

A couple’s massage is one of the most romantic things a pair can do together. But at the Bellagio, the experience is kicked up a notch. Here you can book a private session in a massage therapy pool. A certified practitioner will give you both massage treatments in the water to relax and rejuvenate body and mind. All the while, you’ll learn the techniques as you go. Then, you and your date get a half-hour to practice your newfound massage skills on each other.


Take Cooking Classes

For many people, a good first date is not complete without great food. Instead of just going to a nice restaurant, why not share the experience of creating quality food together? If learning to make food sounds appealing, you might want to consider booking a private cooking class with star chef Julian Asseo. Here, just you and your date will work side-by-side learning to create a masterful appetizer and entree. Then, you get to enjoy your delicious hand-made meal together!


From flying high in the sky with Las Vegas balloon rides to taking cooking lessons with a master chef and relaxing with an intimate massage, there are many great ideas for first Sin City dates that are unusual and exciting. For an unforgettable evening that will bring you and your date closer together, consider one of these options the next time you’re trying to figure out something fun and memorable to do.

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