Four Ideas For an Intimate Wedding

With such an important event like a wedding, it’s essential to make the day one you, your spouse, and your guests will fondly remember. Since it’s your special day, you can make your wedding as ordinary or as unusual as you want. But if you are planning to tie the knot in Las Vegas, why not make the day unique? In such an eclectic city as this, there are many innovative and intimate ways to tie the knot. From saying “I do” thousands of feet above the city in a hot air balloon to taking friends and family camping and hiking, here are some ideas to keep things small and simple.

Hot Air Ballooning

If your idea of a special day is tying the knot with just a few people, Vegas hot air balloon rides might be your style. With a package like you’ll find at Sin City Balloon Rides, you can arrange for an intimate ceremony, complete with an officiant and celebratory champagne. If you can envision pictures of your special day with a romantic sunset of the Southwest as your backdrop, a hot air balloon Vegas wedding may be just right.


If you and your partner enjoy being outside, why not arrange for an outdoor ceremony? Whether you’re watching your budget or you simply want to have a wedding that’s more “you,” a great way to celebrate each other and the outdoors is to have an outdoor ceremony. Camping under the stars, lighting a bonfire, and having old-fashioned s’mores as a post-wedding treat will make a camping-themed wedding day complete.

City Hall

You might not think of City Hall as a place to get married, but it’s actually a great choice for a small, intimate ceremony. Plus, you save tremendously on the cost of a traditional wedding venue, but you still get an officiant and a wedding photographer. If you’re arranging a wedding at City Hall, you’ll need to let officials at City Hall know your wedding party size and your pre-determined ceremony time and date. Then you are all set to go!

Destination Wedding

Sometimes, all you want to do on your big day is get away from it all. If this is the case, a destination wedding is a great choice for a special ceremony that only needs to involve a small number of people. After all, destination weddings can be expensive, which means it’s a perfect excuse to keep the wedding party size small. If you and your partner have a place that you’ve always wanted to visit, a destination wedding is the perfect way to cross both a wedding and travel off your list.

From saying “I do” in a hot air balloon Vegas to traveling with select friends and family members, there are many enjoyable and memorable ways to have an intimate wedding ceremony. And in a place like Sin City, it’s possible to have a small wedding that is still just as unique and enjoyable, if not more so, as a large wedding.

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