Getting Married? Here Are The 6 Best Places To Propose In Las Vegas

Popping the big question is a once in a lifetime event, which is why choosing the right time and place is so important! Fortunately, Las Vegas is full of great places to propose. From getting down on one knee at Red Rock Canyon to asking her on an Italian gondola, there are many memorable places to choose. But if you want something really unique, try a hot air balloon marriage proposal! In addition to having a private space for the two of you, floating above the city when you ask for your loved one’s hand naturally brings your relationship to new heights.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

Balloon rides in Las Vegas are a popular and unique option for proposals. What’s great about going ballooning for your proposal is that you can choose to have a private ride organized for the special event. Adding to the appeal of using Vegas hot air balloon rides for your marriage proposal site is that you can take champagne and flowers along for the ride. Imagine asking as you’re facing a spectacular sunset! How’s that for romantic?

Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas

Although it’s miles away from Paris, a proposal at the top of the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas is a very romantic experience. A little-known secret is that there is actually a partially private proposal area at the Tower. Along with reserving the spot to pop the question, you can order champagne and roses for the event, too.

Red Rock Canyon

With its breathtaking natural scenery, Red Rock Canyon is another unbeatable place to ask for her hand. Popping the question while you’re on a scenic bike tour around the Canyon is a popular option, but you can just as easily find a quiet and scenic place during a hike along the trails, too.

Top of the World Restaurant

With a bird’s eye view of Las Vegas, the Top of the World restaurant is one of the city’s most dramatic places to propose. A combination of premier dinner dishes, stellar views, and a romantic ambiance make this spot a world-class setting for a proposal. If you do choose this spot, it’s a good idea to tell the staff of your proposal plans first!

Bellagio Conservancy Gardens

In a city full of activity, it can be hard to find a quiet and peaceful place to propose. Fortunately, the Bellagio Conservancy Gardens offers a solution to that problem. If you can envision getting down on one knee among beautiful flowers and stunning architecture to ask for her hand, this is the spot for you!

The Venetian Gondola

Italy is famous for its lovers, so what more fitting (and romantic) way to propose than with a timeless Italian tradition? If you choose to pop the question on a Venetian gondola ride, you’ll be able to order a photographer, a planner, and have roses waiting for your big moment. Having the rare chance to take in the sights and sounds of the city from the water makes this an extra special proposal location.

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