Is a Hot Air Balloon Ride Relaxing or Thrilling?

Like two sides of the same coin, how do you know whether Las Vegas balloon rides are relaxing or thrilling? There’s no doubt that when you’re soaring anywhere from 1,200 to 3,000 feet in the air, your heart starts beating a little harder and maybe your hands sweat a little. This is especially true if it’s your first hot air balloon ride ever! But for some people, watching a beautiful sunset over the city or seeing Sin City’s famous attractions from afar brings a sense of serenity and peace to the heart and soul.

What It’s Like To Be “Relaxed” About A Ride

No two people are alike, which means that everyone can have a very different emotional response to the same experience. This same philosophy certainly applies to hot air ballooning! A person who is more likely to have a “relaxing” experience in a hot air balloon can set the stage for that experience before leaving the ground. He or she might use mental techniques to envision a calm, blissful ride above Las Vegas, ideally to the backdrop of a stunning sunrise or a spectacular sunset. In the air, the person who has a relaxing experience will picture himself or herself as a small part of the surrounding landscape and view the balloon ride as a small part of the outside world.

What It Means For A Ride To Seem “Thrilling”

In contrast, another person who’s embarking on the same journey – even the same flight – might have a totally different experience. While some people might say they could be lulled to sleep on a hot air balloon ride, others will be wide awake and soaking up every moment. While you might envision floating peacefully above the earth, a fellow passenger might find his or her heart pumping at the thought of flying in a hot air balloon. Ballooning can certainly produce an adrenaline rush, which can be caused by nervousness or excitement. Sometimes, people experience both at once! Unless you have a fear of flying or heights, that sense of nervousness should disappear pretty quickly once you’re in the air. For a detailed description about the “thrill” of Las Vegas balloon rides, check out this article:

Practice Makes Perfect

While it can be hard to predict how you’ll feel when you’re in the air, your pre-flight mentality can play a big role in your overall reaction to flying. And while you might be inclined to feel one way over the other, you can practice some techniques to feel more relaxed about flying. For starters, try closing your eyes and envisioning your flight. What will the weather conditions be like? What famous sites will you see? Who will be traveling with you on your special adventure? If you’re really nervous about flying, your hot air balloon company can also offer some nerve-reducing tips. Practice envisioning the “ideal” situation you’ll have flying, and you’ll be surprised at how calm, relaxed, and rejuvenated you feel when you take off on your first flight!

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