Make The Most Of Your Trip To Las Vegas With These Four Activities

With so much to see and do in Las Vegas, you can visit for the fifth time and still not see it all! The nice thing about Sin City is that rain or shine, day or night, there’s always something to check out. Since there are so many options for activities in the city, it can be difficult to narrow down your list, especially if you’re pressed for time. But if nothing else, be sure to try out these four activities when you’re visiting the area.

Hot Air Ballooning

Floating in the gentle breeze, seeing landmarks like the Vegas Strip and Red Rock Canyon from a bird’s eye perspective, you’ll soon understand why Las Vegas balloon rides are so popular. Whether you go with a group or arrange a private ride through a hot air balloon company, you will be treated to some of the most spectacular sights of the Southwestern landscape that you’ll ever see. Typically, Las Vegas balloon rides last 45-60 minutes, and you’ll travel at an altitude between 1,200 and 3,000 feet.

The Strip

Considered a “must-see” activity when you’re in Sin City, you won’t be disappointed by a visit to the infamous Las Vegas Strip. On the way in, you’ll pass the equally famous “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, which is a great place for a photo-op. If you’re up for it, you can walk across the Strip, which gives you time to explore shops and restaurants along the way. There are also buses that travel along the Strip, which is a nice way to see the iconic landmark if you have limited time.

The Bellagio Casino

When in Vegas, it’s essential that you try your hand at gambling, at least once. So if you’re going to go for it, why not make the most of the experience and go to Sin City’s most famous casino? The advantage of the Bellagio is that it’s much more than just a casino. It has a number of attractions right on its own property, including spectacular fountains that offer a dazzling light show every 15-30 minutes.

The Neon Museum

With over 200 old neon signs spread across two acres, the Neon Museum isn’t your average history museum. This funky museum pays homage to an under-appreciated, but still important, part of Sin City’s past. In fact, it’s not until you see the museum that you will realize just how important neon signs have been for the city’s growth. Over the decades, brightly colored flashing signs have lured customers and visitors into casinos, hotels, and bars across the city. When you visit, you have the option of going on a guided tour of the “boneyard.” In this hour-long tour, local historians will point out famous signs of the city’s top landmarks, such as Stardust, Golden Nugget, and Caesars Place.

Here’s an added tip: after a visit to the Neon Museum, you might want to check out the equally unique Mob Museum, which is just a few blocks away and pays homage to Sin City’s most dangerous and notorious figures.

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