Private Las Vegas Hot Air Balloon Ride Package

The Las Vegas Valley offers stunning vistas to visitors, and there’s no better way to witness them than from the air. Our flight packages are an excellent opportunity for you and a group of friends, family, or loved ones to take this once-in-a-lifetime trip. Take one of our private hot air balloon flights through the Vegas skies, enjoy the valley’s beauty, and make lasting memories.

A Unique Las Vegas Experience

No two flights are alike, as wind conditions can vary up in the air—the pilot can control how high the balloon ascends, anywhere from treetop level to a few thousand feet, to catch different air currents, but past that you’ll go where the wind takes you. One thing is sure, though: the outlook upon Las Vegas is breathtaking, giving you a picturesque perspective of the Mojave Desert landscape, and the sunrise painting the sky only makes it more beautiful. Be sure to bring cameras or camcorders to capture this memorable view! Our “chase crew” will follow wherever you go, so just enjoy the ride.

What the Private Balloon Package Includes

Our private flights can accommodate two or four passengers per balloon; packages start at $675 for two and range up to groups of 12. The flight itself lasts about 45-60 minutes, depending on conditions, and the entire experience about three to four hours, starting from launch preparations after you arrive at a half-hour before sunrise. While in flight, the pilot will be in touch with our “chase crew,” following the balloon to meet with the group on landing. After you land, you’ll celebrate with a toast of sparkling champagne and return to the launch site. As a souvenir, everyone also receives custom flight certificates with their photos.

Preparing for Your Hot Air Balloon Flight

On the evening before the flight, stop by our main office to check-in, and we’ll give you directions to the launch site to meet in the morning. Apart from the check-in, all you need to bring with you is a camera, a signed waiver for each passenger, and some comfortable clothing—boots or sneakers are required, and we recommend long pants and a hat. Meet us at the launch site a half-hour before sunrise!

Make Your Reservation Today

All private flights are booked in advance to allow preparation on our end; if the flight is canceled because of weather, equipment issues, or pilot illness, we’ll contact you to reschedule. Call us at 702-468-2426 to reserve your flight, or book and order a flight package online. Make your Vegas trip unforgettable!

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