Visiting Red Rock Canyon on Your Trip to Las Vegas

Located less than 20 miles away from the world-famous Las Vegas Strip lies a beautiful, scenic, and semi-remote place called Red Rock Canyon. If you love the outdoors, or if you need a break from the hectic pace of Sin City life, beautiful Red Rock Canyon is worth a visit. The Canyon covers nearly 200,000 acres of pristine desert lands. Hiking, bird-watching, tours, and other fantastic opportunities await at this majestic conservation area. If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, be sure to set aside time to visit this spectacular natural area.

Get a Canyon Tour

From above, on wheels, or by foot, you have many options when it comes to touring Red Rock. If you want to see Red Rock from above, a ride in a hot air balloon is a fantastic way to do so. Sin City Balloon Rides, which offers scenic hot air balloon rides, also offers on-the-ground Red Rock Canyon tours through the canyon. Everything is arranged for you, including pick-up from your hotel, for the ultimate vacation package. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the views as a professional guide takes you on an authentic adventure.

See the Canyon by Bike

While you can tour Red Rock on foot, you might choose Red Rock Canyon tours by electric bike instead, especially if you’re short on time. Traveling by bike, you’ll cover more ground, more quickly. Going by electric bike, you’ll be able to cover a considerable amount of ground in about 3 hours. And you don’t even have to break a sweat! However, electric bikes can switch between manual and electric power, so you can get in a good workout if you so choose. If you want, a hired guide will lead you through the most spectacular areas of the canyon on an electric bike tour.

Visit Sloan Canyon

There are so many beautiful areas of Red Rock that it’s hard to pick just one! But one of the most incredible areas is Sloan Canyon. This canyon is about a 2.5-hour moderate hike. Walking along its rugged trails, you’ll see old petroglyphs and unique geological formations. If you visit this area, try to go either in the morning or evening. The lighting is more dramatic, and temperatures will be cooler!

Hike Calico Hills

Another great area to check out is Calico Hills. This area of Red Rock is quiet, reserved, and best of all, free! Walking along its scenic, peaceful trails, you can take in all of the spectacular desert colors around you. Keep your eyes peeled, as you can easily see stunning wildflowers and rare birds and animals as well!

For many people, a trip to Vegas conjures up images of rowdy, exciting nightlife. But Red Rock Canyon, which is just a short drive away from the city, offers an escape from the norm. From guided hiking or bike tours to a self-made excursion, there are many ways to explore and appreciate this spectacular part of the Southwest.

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