Why You Need To Add Hot Air Ballooning To Your Bucket List

If you have not yet experienced a Las Vegas hot air balloon, you don’t know what you’re missing! As those who’ve had the pleasure of being in a Vegas hot air balloon will say, there is nothing quite like the feeling of floating thousands of feet above the city and seeing your favorite sights from a new perspective. Vegas hot air balloon rides are an ideal opportunity for couples, families, and friends to share a special time together. For that reason, hot air ballooning is a “must-try” activity to cross off your bucket list! Regardless of whether you’re nervous about flying or you’re itching for an excuse to go, here are some great reasons to give this unique activity a try.

It’s Something New And Different

Those who have gone on Vegas hot air balloon rides say that nothing compares to the magical experience of floating above the city in a hot air balloon. That includes people with a fear of heights! A common consensus among balloonists is that the views of the city and the surrounding landscapes are unbeatable. You’ll be able to see the area’s unique geographical features from above, and you may get to see some animals of the Southwest too! Most flights take place during either the morning or evening hours, which is also the time of sunrise and sunset. Naturally, the sky is astonishingly beautiful (think photo op) at these times.

Flying Improves Your Mood

If you’re convinced that you feel happier after going on a balloon ride, rest assured that you’re not crazy – it’s actually true! Flying in a hot air balloon, studies have shown, triggers the release of endorphins by increasing your heart rate and sending more oxygen into your blood. This effect is the same euphoric feeling that you get after exercising, but you don’t have to do all the hard work.

You’ll Bond With Loved Ones

There’s nothing like sharing special moments with people you care about, and what better bonding activity to consider than hot air ballooning? Flying in a Las Vegas hot air balloon is an experience that not everyone will get to enjoy. In fact, many people never do. Therefore, going up in a balloon is a unique and memorable event that you and loved ones can remember long after it’s over. To make the occasion extra special, you can make the ride more intimate by requesting a private flight. Some companies even provide accompaniments like champagne to make the balloon ride even better. You are free to bring along your camera to take pictures, so everyone can take home a lasting memento of the flight.

It Provides Peace Of Mind

Compared to commercial planes, flying in a hot air balloon is a quieter and more peaceful experience. You’ll get the benefit of being up in the air, but you’ll avoid the crowds and chaos that conventional flights often bring. This naturally improves your mood and emotions. Combined with the beautiful sights of the ground below, it’s no surprise that balloonists often have better immune systems, memory, and less stress than their non-flying peers.

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