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Why You Should Consider a Hot Air Balloon Ride for Your Next Group Event

Planning a hot air balloon ride for groups is an ideal way to treat yourself to a new, exciting experience. These Las Vegas balloon rides let you take a break from neon lights and bustling crowds for some family-friendly fun that celebrates nature and takes you on a journey with breathtaking views. It’s a unique experience that’s perfect as a bonding activity, and sure to engage anyone with a love of natural beauty.

A Thrilling Start to the Morning

Hot air balloon rides typically take place in the morning, and many are timed so riders can watch the sunrise. Meeting about half an hour before it begins gives you the best view of the rising sun. Rides are very peaceful and let you feel a smooth, gliding sensation from the safety of the basket. Since a group can fit in the basket of one balloon, or split up among a few balloons, this is an excellent activity to consider that can accommodate all the members of your party at once. Rides usually take about 45 minutes to an hour, giving you time to absorb the beautiful desert landscape in the gorgeous morning light. At the end of your ride, your group can all participate in a fun sparkling beverage toast to celebrate the occasion. In addition to the breathtaking view, an early morning ride gives you plenty of freedom to schedule other plans for the rest of the day. That flexibility is helpful when you need to arrange something for a big group of people.

Preparing for Your Balloon Ride

A ride in a hot air balloon doesn’t require a lot of special preparation. It’s a low-maintenance activity but very impressive, so it is a great way to spend time with coworkers, for a birthday party, and other group activities. When you plan out your day, allow about three to four hours total for the full experience, which includes balloon setup, boarding, and the drive back. Make sure to wear practical footwear like boots or sneakers, as those are required for boarding the balloon. The temperature during your balloon ride will be about the same as on the ground, so there’s no need to bundle up for your ride. Cameras are welcome, and photography is a great way to commemorate the trip. Take a look through our gallery for some examples of past photos.

About Your Hot Air Balloon Ride

If you’re new to hot air balloons, you’re probably curious about how they work. For our balloon rides, we use propane burners to heat air that causes the balloon to rise. The balloons are made of sturdy nylon or polyester materials. These burners operate at extremely high temperatures, more than 100 times the heat of a typical home barbecue. A licensed balloon pilot takes care of the ride and makes sure everything is in working order. However, the pilot does not control the direction or path of the balloon. Instead, winds direct the balloon, which is why it is important for conditions to be ideal, with lows winds, in order for the balloon rides to take place. The pilot can control the direction to some extent by changing the balloon’s altitude, since winds may be blowing in different directions depending on altitude. Before takeoff, the crew prepares the balloon for the ride.

Book a hot air balloon ride for groups on your next trip to Vegas so you can make lifelong memories with friends and family. Make reservations ahead of time to save your spot for this incredible adventure.

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