Best Outdoor Activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas might be known for its casinos, nightlife, and shopping, but beyond the city’s borders there are even more wonderful things to try. With its sunny skies, spectacular landscapes, and outdoors-oriented lifestyle, Las Vegas is a natural destination for outdoor activities. Along with seeing some of the Southwest’s most beautiful scenery, getting outside in Las Vegas is a great way to escape the crowds! Here are some top outdoor activities to try when you’re in Sin City.

Go Hot Air Ballooning

Anyone who’s ever experienced hot air balloon rides Las Vegas will tell you that this is a “must-try” activity! Soaring thousands of feet above the city, Vegas balloon rides really are an unforgettable experience. A ride typically lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, which gives you time to admire the stunning Nevada landscape from above. The world-famous Vegas Strip, Red Rock Canyon, and Mt. Potosi are some landmarks you might see. For an extra-special experience, you can arrange for private hot air balloon rides Las Vegas with a partner or group of close friends. You can book a hot air balloon ride through a local company like Sin City Balloon Rides, which offers traditional group rides and private balloon rides. Bookings are even available on the website for convenience:

Hike The Valley of Fire

With its abundance of natural beauty and intriguing geography, hiking is certainly one of the best ways to explore the landscapes around Las Vegas. And one of the top places to set off on foot is the spectacular Valley of Fire State Park, which is a little less than 60 miles from the Vegas Strip. The park is a natural wonderland with majestic rock formations, limestone peaks, petrified tree forests, and Native American petroglyphs that date back over 2,000 years. At the visitor’s center, check out the exhibit on the history and geology of the park and the surrounding region.

Check Out Water Sports At Lake Las Vegas

Who knew that you could come to Las Vegas for water sports? Despite being in a desert location, not all of Las Vegas is hot and dry. Just 30 minutes from the city is a spectacular place called Lake Las Vegas. The beautiful lake covers over 300 acres, and it offers the equally stunning backdrop of desert mountains. There is even lodging at the lake, so you can choose to stay overnight if you wish. Even if you’re not a guest at the hotel, you can still take advantage of the lake’s water sports by renting stand-up-paddleboards, kayaks, and pedal boats.

Whether you’ve seen enough of the Las Vegas Strip after two days, or you’re tired of waiting in line for shows and museums, the good news is that there are many more great places to visit around the area. Getting a bird’s eye view of the city through hot air ballooning, hiking picturesque trails, and boating are all fun ways to get fresh air and see the less crowded places around Las Vegas.

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