How Many People Can Ride In A Hot Air Balloon?

The direct answer is a maximum of eight people. This is in addition to your pilot. However, if you’re planning on booking a hot air balloon ride for a large group, know that several factors can make it a challenge to always accommodate eight passengers. In some cases, it’s better to request two groups of four.

Why Our Group Size Limit Is Important

Sometimes people ask why we can’t bend the rules a little to squeeze in one more person. Here’s why sticking to a size limit is so important when it comes to hot air balloons:

  • Legal weight limits: It comes as a surprise to many people that hot air balloons are regulated by the Federal Aviation Administration. Just as the FAA tells commercial airlines how many passengers they can carry on each flight depending on the type of aircraft, the FAA also dictates the total weight limit we can have in our balloons. Breaking federal rules is a big no-no, as you can imagine.
  • Passenger comfort: A bigger reason why we avoid packing people into our balloons like sardines is that it wouldn’t be much fun for anyone. Balloon rides are best when you can do your own thing. We keep group sizes down so you have a great experience, whether it’s enjoying the solitude at 2,000 feet or proposing to your special someone with a romantic backdrop.
  • Passenger enjoyment: You join a hot air balloon ride because you want to see the Vegas sights in all its It’s not much fun to be stuck in the middle, away from the action. Instead, by controlling the maximum number of passengers, we make sure everyone in your group gets an incredible view.
  • Passenger safety: First and foremost, we care about your safety. We wouldn’t risk that for all the money in the world. We stick to our weight limits so balloon and basket are totally safe, and to make sure no one steps on anyone else’s toes.

Types of Hot Air Balloon Baskets

You may wonder how hot air balloon baskets are organized so that all passengers can get a great view. The answer has to do with compartments.

  • Double T baskets have a central compartment that gives the pilot room to work and holds everything needed to control the balloon. Four compartments on the sides accommodate two people each with plenty of room to spare.
  • Single T styles keep the pilot’s area on one side of the basket with the other half divided into two compartments. Private flights may consist of a single basket just for two. Of course, your pilot also goes along for the ride.

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Tips for Booking Hot Air Balloon Rides for Your Group

At Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides, we totally understand that groups like to ride together. It makes sense to share such an incredible view with the people you care about. Here are some tips so you can have the time of your life:

  • Be honest: It’s tempting to shave a few pounds off of weight when making reservations, but don’t! This can create problems when you arrive since we have to follow weight limit restrictions.
  • Request group preferences: If possible, we accommodate requests for putting small groups together. Divide larger groups into pairs to makes sure everyone has a best friend by their side.

At Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides, we go above and beyond to make sure the entire experience is amazing. Whether you’re in the mood for a romantic getaway or a crazy celebration, party Vegas-style with a hot air balloon ride.

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