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Tethered Hot Air Balloon Packages in Las Vegas

Impress your guests at any wedding, celebration, or business function with tethered hot air balloon rides from Vegas Hot Air Sin City Balloon Rides. With flexible tethered events packages, we provide everything from thrilling rides up to 70 feet in the air to colorful custom banners showcasing your company, logo, or message. This unique form of eye-catching entertainment will draw attendees to your charity fundraiser or business grand opening.

How Do Tethered Hot Air Balloons Work?

Unlike a piloted ride in which the hot air balloon is floating free, tethered balloon rides take place in a balloon that is firmly anchored to the ground. Your guests will experience the feeling of a real balloon ride as they slowly rise above the treetops and experience unforgettable views of our city’s natural desert beauty. For best results, choose an open area for your balloon launch. Balloons are made of nylon or polyester and powered by propane. The baskets have high sides, so most riders say they don’t even notice the height even if they initially felt nervous about flying.

Are Hot Air Balloon Rides Safe?

The safety of our riders is the highest priority. Our method of tethering hot air balloons is safety-approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. The pilot determines if weather conditions are appropriate to fly the balloon. Generally, wind speed must be less than eight miles per hour with no thunderstorm activity in the area. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. All riders must sign a waiver, and parents must sign for children younger than 18.

Why Book a Tethered Balloon Package?

A tethered balloon remains close to the ground compared to the several-thousand-foot elevation of a traditional balloon ride. Even guests who are wary about heights or flying can enjoy the open air and feeling of freedom of a hot air balloon ride. This safe, gentle ride is appropriate for those of all ages. What’s more, the expansive size of the balloon makes it an immediate attention-grabber. If you want to make a big splash, you simply can’t beat the joyful presence of a gigantic balloon. Riders can bring a camera with a neck or wrist strap to capture unique photographic vistas of the Las Vegas landscape.

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