Three Ways To Reward Your Child’s Good Grades this Year

Like most parents, you are probably quite proud when your child brings home a sticker-studded paper with an “A” on it or shows you a flawless report card. Understandably, you feel the need to celebrate! Fortunately, there are a number of fun, entertaining, and enriching activities you can plan for your child to show that you are proud of his or her accomplishments. And some, like Vegas hot air balloon rides, are a great way to incorporate the message of “I care, and I’m proud of you!” with quality family bonding time. So the next time your child mentions a school success, consider one of these unforgettable activities.


Go Hot Air Ballooning

If your child excels in school, chances are good that he or she enjoys setting goals (or limits) and reaching them. Going for a family hot air balloon ride is a great way to give your child a new and exciting experience. It also shows that the sky’s the limit! Vegas hot air balloon rides last about an hour, and you’ll be treated to stunning views of Sin City’s top attractions and the beautiful Southwestern landscape as you go. A balloon ride can be arranged for a private party, which means you can make the experience extra-special by having it reserved for immediate family only.


Visit the Eiffel Tower

If you prefer to visit The Strip in person, one standout place to go is the Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower is one of the top attractions in Las Vegas, and arguably the world. Your child will feel like he or she is on top of the world at the height of the Eiffel Tower, which rises 46 stories above the city. The tower also has a panoramic observation deck, which means you and your family get a whole new perspective on Las Vegas. If you’re hungry, stop in for a bite to eat at the critically acclaimed Eiffel Tower restaurant on the 11th floor!


See a Comedy Show

Your kid works hard in school, so why not give him or her the chance to sit back, relax, and laugh? If you’re searching for a fun family-friendly event, one highly recommended attraction is the Mac King Comedy Magic Show. You can check the event’s website for deals on tickets, which makes going to a comedy even better. This comedy, led by skilled performers, promises fun and excitement for both children and adults. Mac King is the longest professional comedian to perform in Sin City, which means you’re in for a treat at one of his shows!


Whether it’s soaring to new heights on hot air balloon rides Las Vegas or seeing the king of Vegas comedy in person, there are many fun and unique ways to reward your child for good grades. And if your child is naturally inclined to be inquisitive and open to new learning experiences, any or all of these rewards are bound to be much appreciated! Who knows? Your child may even pick up a new hobby or interest – such as hot air ballooning – that lasts a lifetime.

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